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September 18, 2019
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Teaming up to advance remote operations for Lunar resource extraction

Fugro and Space Industries are teaming up to engage in an opportunity that has been created by World Leaders ambitions to return to the moon and advance remote operations for Lunar resource extraction.

The US, Europe and China have all announced intentions to create sustainable human outposts on the Moon and interest in scientific discoveries, such as those being achieved by China’s Chang’E-4 lander on the Moon’s far side, are now coupled with this likelihood of sustained human presence.

To make any lunar outpost truly sustainable, the logistics train from Earth must be minimized, making the extraction of lunar resources essential. To transport a kilogram of water from Earth to what will be the lunar gateway costs about US$10,000. Robotic extraction and processing of water from in-situ resources has been estimated to represent a 25% savings over transport from Earth. For 100 MT per year use of water in support of an outpost (primarily for lander propulsion), this is a US$1 billion market; hence robotic in-situ production will be pursued vigorously.

Fugro Australia have a long standing history when it comes to the remote operation of precision robotics on Earth. They have recently been gaining traction within the space industry, with its capabilities identified as of high significance. Fugro has demonstrated these capabilities to the Australian and European Space agencies and attracted the attention of Space Robotics companies around the world. With expertise in autonomy and AI, the capability to monitor and manage remote operations, and work with the limits of latency, Fugro effectively and remotely operate robotics in harsh environments.

 “This engagement with Fugro supports the Space Industries business model to collaborate with companies with heritage and that can bring capabilities that will reduce the overall mission risk and increasing the likelihood of successfully extracting resources on the Lunar surface. Space Industries are excited to join forces with Fugro to develop the remote operation capability for our Lunar mission”

For further information, please contact, Space Industries.

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