Australia advances off earth operations to mine the moon
September 19, 2019

On the way to the Moon we are stopping first for the 2019 Cycle II NASA iTech Las Cruces.

It has just been announced, space industries will be given the opportunity to present its mission to Chief technologists from various NASA centers and Industry at the #NASAiTech 2019 Cycle II Forum on 7-8 October.

This opportunity comes at a great time as Space Industries progresses its Lunar Resource Extraction Vehicle development and looks to build a lab ready prototype over the coming months along with the signing of some strategic intents with key space industry capabilities.

“Innovators Worldwide Submit Ideas to NASA iTech, Competition Finalists Announced “

You will be able to watch the Forum live and we will be sharing the link closer to the presentation day.

Read the full release on the official NASA website at

To learn more about the NASA iTech, visit:

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