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Critical Resources

For Space & Earth

One Giant Leap


3D printer with raw ore to metal.


Technology that can produce water from sand.

Mineral Resources

Novel & environmentally friendly mineral processing.

Utility Distribution

Hardware for liquid, gas and power transfer.

It's What We Do

Creating Space Solutions To Solve Earth Problems

Space Industries flagship mission is to produce resources that are classified as critical to sustaining life on Earth and in Space, the target resources are Water on the Moon and Mars as well as Helium-3 for Earth.

Our Company Purpose

A Bold Mission Creates Big Rewards.

We are leading the way in space resources by focusing on gas production to produce water that will sustain life on the Moon and other planets along with producing Helium-3 for use in Medical and Energy industries on Earth.

NASA Recognition

Space Industries Selected By NASA Subject-matter Experts For Relevance, Likelihood Of Success, And Potential Earth & Space-bound Applications

A Little Of Our Story

From The Earth’s Depths To Outer Space

Space Industries team are highly skilled in areas covering Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering, Nuclear, Aeronautics, Systems and have experience on remote and autonomous mining operations, submarines through to space missions.

Collaboration Is Important

We are actively looking for collaboration opportunities

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