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Enabling Future Energies

For Earth & Space

Space Industries was formed to develop technologies that can produce helium-3 which is the fuel of nuclear fusion, the future energy for Earth. In doing this we have developed new solutions to many other problems, one which is producing water on the Moon and Mars.

Since 2018

A Growing Team Of Specialists

Our highly skilled team have experience operating at the deepest depths on Earth in Navy submarines, developing and building resource assets at surface in some of the most hostile places on Earth surface and also have experience working on space missions with a track record of success.

One Mission With Multiple Solution

The flagship mission of Space Industries is to produce helium-3 and water on the Moon, the technology developed to achieve this mission also solves Earth based problems over multiple industries.


The worlds largest 3D printer for PEEK material with super insulation and strength properties


The LREV will enable operations such as civil construction and the construction of settlements on the Moon surface

Mineral Resources

Novel mine processing plant that can capture 100% of emissions through the processing stage

Utility Distribution

Advanced hardware for the supply and distribution of liquid, gas and electric power

Way back when

We decided to move

forward with building

Over 2019, Space Industries completed early stage TRL on a number of technologies related to the Lunar Resource Extraction Vehicle (LREV), this pushed us to commit to the selection and development of multiple technologies in 2020 with prototypes and demonstrations expected in 2021.

Technology Roadmap

Career Opportunities

Developing the Lunar Resource Extraction Vehicle (LREV) requires the best technical know-how on Earth, if you you have what it takes to be part of the Space Industries team then we would like to hear from you.

Project Engineering Manager (PEM)
Structural Engineer Lead
Thermal Engineer Lead
Telecommunications Engineer Lead
Mechatronics Engineer Lead
Electrical Engineer Lead
Software Engineer Lead
Mechanical Engineer Lead

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