What is a rocket fairing?

  • A payload fairing is a nose cone used to protect a spacecraft against the impact of dynamic pressure and aerodynamic heating during launch through an atmosphere. More recently, an additional function on some flights has been to maintain the cleanroom environment for precision instruments. Once outside the atmosphere the fairing is jettisoned, exposing the payload to the space environment.
  • The standard payload fairing is typically a cone-cylinder combination, due to aerodynamic considerations; however, specialized fairings are in use as well. The type of fairing which separates into two halves upon jettisoning is called a clamshell fairing by way of analogy to the bifurcating shell of a clam. In some cases the fairing may enclose both the payload and the upper stage of the rocket, such as on Atlas V and Proton M.
  • If the payload is attached both to the booster's core structures and to the fairing, the payload may still be affected by the fairing's bending loads, as well as inertia loads due to vibrations caused by gusts and buffeting. Traditionally, payload fairings have been expendable. From Sketch to Rocket

You can send us your artwork at a sketch level or a completed digital version, we will review your artwork and if needed will correct any colouring to ensure it stands out when it gets printed on the rocket fairing. We will release a high resolution final fairing montage prior to completion so you can spot your artwork and follow it to space, you may even be able to find it when the fairing arrives at the WASP space museum.


Questions & Answeres

1Is it free?
Yes, there is no charge for you to submit your art and get it on the fairing.
2Does the art have to be digital?
No, you can send us a drawing, painting or any other artistic method and we will convert it to digital for you and add it to the montage on the rocket fairing. We do suggest a high quality scan or photo to make it easier to digitize.
3Is there any age restrictions?
No, everyone and anyone can submit their art and it will go on the rocket fairing and launched to space.
4When can I submit my art?
We ask that you register on the bellow form and then you will receive an email when we are ready to start receiving the art, when we are ready you will be able to upload your art on this page.

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