We are delighted to announce the appointment of RebeccaJohnston as Executive Director and General Counsel of Space Industries.

Rebecca is a leading aviation, drones and space lawyer with extensive experience working with and advising some of the world’s largest companies including Alphabet Inc. and Facebook Inc. on a range of technology projects. Rebecca has over 10 years of experience across corporate and commercial law and governance, and specialist expertise in relation to emerging and first-of-type technologies. She holds an MBA (Dist.) from The University of Western Australia (UWA) and is admitted to practice in Australia and New York. She is the Legal Practice Director of Johnston Wheeler and sits on a number of private company boards across the aviation and aerospace industries.

Rebecca’s expertise will add value to the Space Industries flagship mission of producing water on the Moon in support of the NASA Artemis Program and supporting Nations, to do this we are developing the Lunar Resource Extraction Vehicle (LREV). The technology being developed for the LREV with also offer solutions to significant problems on Earth around future green energy and enables the production of green metals.