Israel Crashes Spaceship On The Moon

The first attempt to land on the moon by a private company has ended in failure

We hope to learn soon how the Beresheet came to crash into the moon, this unfortunate outcome however will have good results in the space industry as it insures the importance of maintaining communications through all events and including such events as engine failure

At approximately 25 minutes into the live broadcast, Beresheet commenced descent. It appeared that the communication was having some issues as the “Engine Fires” display did not match the “Telemetry visualization” (left window), this would indicate that there was either a communications error, engine error or both.

At approximately 33 minutes into the live broadcast, Beresheet looses telemetry and appears to increase speed of descent

At approximately 36 minutes into the live broadcast, Beresheet has an issue with its main engine and a reset of the vehicle is attempted, this is then followed by loss of communication with the spacecraft with a last reading showing an altitude of only 149 meters to the Moon surface.

Never a failure, Always a lesson