Making a BIG impression in the International Space Industry

Space Industries are very honored to be recognized by NASA subject-matter experts for relevance, likelihood of success, and potential Earth and space-bound applications. Our mission is a global effort to benefit all humankind and we are moving in the correct direction, watch out for 2020.

September 20 2019

NASA iTech offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to present a technology that is solving a real-world problem and might also address a similar challenge with NASA’s Moon to Mars mission.

Space Industries will be presenting at the Cycle II event with the hope of attracting collaborations and partnerships with companies with a strong space heritage along with NASA, the company believes it’s Lunar Resource Extraction Vehicle is in line and presents many benefits to the upcoming Artemis missions.

The company will present information about the LREV not yet seen in the public domain and this presentation will be streamed live at you may even get to see a sneak peek of the vehicle itself.

These 10 finalists are invited to present their ideas to NASA, space industry leaders and potential investors at the 2019 NASA iTech Cycle II forum in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Oct. 7-8, 2019. Registration to attend the event is open.

See the NASA release at:

October 07 2019

Space Industries have completed the first two days at #NASAiTech which has included discussions of technology and fine tuning presentations for the event starting tomorrow on the 7th-8th, the event is being help in Lus Cruces which is near the home of NASA rockets with White Sands just around the corner.

“Lunar resource extraction will be game changing”

For those that cant attend the event, you will be able to tune in and watch the live stream of the event and exciting top 10 technologies that have been invited to present to NASA and space industry technology experts.

Space Industries will be presenting at Las Cruces local time on Tuesday the 8th at 12pm, the link to the live stream is and if you cant make it to the live stream then you can watch at the NASA iTech YouTube channel

NASA iTech is also a competition for the top 3 technologies for the cycle, the judging is based on the business commercial potential among other technology specific criteria and the technologies are competing for significant mentorship and an on-ramp into use by NASA with exposure.

October 09 2019

Live presentation from NASA iTech

Ten finalists of the NASA iTech 2019 Cycle II competition traveled to New Mexico from Australia, Germany and across the United States. Several ventured from Florida’s Space Coast and one company was even local to Las Cruces. The entrepreneurs showcased their technology breakthroughs to chief technologists from various NASA centers. Experts from industry, academia, professional organizations and potential investors were also in attendance at the public forum Oct. 7 and 8.