OLP Robotics is dedicated to supporting Australian & New Zealand companies improve their safety, quality & productivity through affordable process automation.

Space Industries took a visit to OLP Robotics today to get some advise on various types of robots, function of robots on the market and a demonstration of the RobotWorks software used to simulate robots in the Solidworks 3D software.

RobotWorks is a powerful CAD software tool that allows users to quickly create robot programs in just a few clicks of the mouse. A fully integrated add-on to the common CAD platform SolidWorks, RobotWorks calculates robot motion based on CAD features constructed to represent the real-life setup.

Benefits and features of RobotWorks include:

  • create new programs in the engineering office whilst the real robot is running production
  • all program and CAD setup files (company IP) are retained for future reference and backups
  • fast programming time makes low volume production runs economical
  • mathematically precise and repeatable motion
  • compatibility with multiple robot brands, not limiting the purchaser to a single OEM
  • simple to use in-built tools to aid in path generation
  • integration with SolidWorks, a common and robust CAD platform
  • CAD simulation allows reach and collision testing of the entire work cell prior to purchasing robots or equipment