source: NASA

We could not live our lives today without having gone to the Moon and the technologies that has produces for all humanity on Earth.

The Apollo missions produced rapid advancements for humanity and we all use at least one piece of space produced technology daily, yes daily. After the Apollo missions NASA went into hyper drive focusing on technology and science experiments to enable us to remain longer in space including on the Moon.

Some of these space technologies are;
Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Infrared Ear Thermometers
Artificial Limbs
Improved Radial Tyre
Chemical Detection
Baby Formula
Portable Cordless Vacuums
Solar Panels
Water Purification
Structural Analysis

Space really does benefit all of humanity

With the Artemis missions drawing near and humans returning to the Moon in 2024, the space industry is transitioning away from science and back to the Apollo strategy which will bring another wave of new technologies that are required to sustain humans on the Moon, grow crops on the Moon, produce resources such as water on the Moon and many more high level tasks.

Some of the technologies being developed or improved for the Artemis missions include Automation of space vehicles and systems with remote operation, Robotics for supporting humans in space and on the Moon surface, Agriculture to sustain life including resources focused at producing water for human hydration, crops, fuel and electricity production.

NASA Tech: